Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is one of the most important topics around the world. It allows anybody no matter which age, religion, appearance, neither sex, to share his opinion with everybody, either per social media, in person, etc. Everybody should have the right to say what he wants to, but free speech is decreasing especially in […]


There is nothingĀ  better than travelling, seeing new places for the first time or just returning to you favourite place. Many people like going to different countries doesn’t matter how old they are.Ā They all have different reason to travel, some visit Family members othersĀ just want to relax and some just want aĀ changeĀ in their everyday life. […]

Digital footprint

All of us use the internet every day: for school, work, entertainment and mostly for communicating with other people. But we often forget how dangerous it can be, you canĀ“t delete photos that you have posted on the internet and many people forget about that. And this could have really bad consequences. For this task […]

Studying abroad

Especially nowadays it has become very popular to study abroad amongst teenagers. I think if you have the chance to study abroad, you should do so, because of the fact, that you learn many important things.   When living in a foreign country, there will be an improvement in language and speaking skills, especially if […]